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  1. Fleur de mort

    Re: It has a rule or not in letter G?

    Quote Originally Posted by Buddhaheart View Post
    Additionally, one might want to observe the following generalizations (rules):

    1. If e follows g and it appears at the end of a word or syllable, its pronounced // in loan words like garage, rouge. It may also be pronounced as /dz/ as in the above examples and those cited by Anglika & others.

    2. Retain the hard g even if er, ing or y is added to the word.
    Ex. digger, bagging, baggy.
    Exceptions: exaggerate, suggest.

    3. The g at the end of a word is usually represented by the hard sound.
    Ex. drug, dig, big.

    4. When d is followed by ge, the d is silent.
    Ex. bridge, badge, ledge.

    5. At the beginning of a word or syllable, gh usually is represented by the hard sound but silent if its at the end.
    Ex. ghost, ghastly; though, dough.

    6. g is hard before ui, ue & ua and the u is silent but it may also be pronounced as /gw/.
    Ex. guilt, guess, language, linguist.

    7. gue at the end of a word is usually hard and 'ue' is silent.
    Ex. plague, dialogue, vague.
    Exceptions: dengue

    8. g is silent in gm or gn.
    Ex. gnaw, gnome; assign, campaign.

    Therere of course many other rules to be formulated and theyll always be exceptions.

    Oh it's great
    thanks a lot Buddhaheart
    I realy appreciate it (:

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    Re: It has a rule or not in letter G?

    I guess this really depends on whether it is in a loan word or a native germanic one.

    G in french-loan words(including those from old french, which seem quite indigenous to English) has been palatalized if followed by a front vowel. But germanic words retain the [g] sound.

    People tend to palatalize 'g' before a front vowel if it appears in a Latin. But there are different ways to pronounce latin words, i like to copy the ancient way, in which all 'g's are unpalatalized.

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