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Thread: hit the spot

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    hit the spot

    I heard that "hit the spot" is usually used for food and drink but how about some other kinds of pleasures?

    1. After a long day of work Jim played tennis. It hit the spot.
    2. Last night with Susie really hit the spot.
    3. It sure was really hot so Jake took the showers. It hit the spot.
    4. - Have you seen the movie Big?
    - Yeah. That really hit the spot.

    Are these examples fine?

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    Re: hit the spot

    I suppose it could with this meaning: to be exactly what is wanted or needed.

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    Re: hit the spot

    "Hit the spot" usually implies some sort of remedy or relief. 1 & 3 would be OK, 2 & 4 are not idiomatic in my dialect (AmE).

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