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    Good Evening! This is my first time here. I have some difficulties to teach English. Because in our Country we speak Portuguese. In this case the students donīt like to learn English. They sad that language is so difficult to us. I have 47 students in the classroom. I think there isnīt possible to learn during the class. But Iīd like that they discovered this language. I know that I have a lot of problems to speak and to teach during the class, because there is an horrible noise. Are there ways to change this situation? How can I help them to like this language? This language is very important to their lives. But how? Could you help me? I am askin you something impossible? Thank you so much to lose your time with this teacher. If you didnīt undestand me sorry!

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    Re: Teach English

    hi, it depends on the age of your students. if they're kids you could try with characters from movies, eg., the lion king, cindarella, to teach clothes or colours, etc. there's a good book called English Adventure with Disney characters.
    if they are teenagers you could try to introduce a new topic with a song. 13 year old kids love high school musical.
    may be you could tell them that English is not only good for their future but also for their present: they use it in every day language, hear it on tv, on the radio...
    and defnetely you could use games: at the end of the class you can play 'hangman' to revise vocabulary
    I hope this helps you a little!!!

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