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    Question a surprised visit?or a surprise visit?

    1. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has made a surprised visit to Iraq. He says the situation in Iraq is a very mixed picture, but he also voiced the support for the top of the US commanding.

    a surprised visit? or a surprise visit? why not "surprising" here?

    2. If you haven't yet has your feel "The Sopranos". Don't count on a follow-up movie. Creator David Chase tells the Newark Star-Ledger that he doesn't intend to explain defend or add to "The Sopranos" 's finale. But he also says never say never. Some fans of the HBO mob drama have been complaining on the Internet on message boards. That the finale was incomplete.

    What are the exact meanings of the two underline sentences?

    3.The president has made immigration reform a top priority in the second term and is pushing lawmakers to compromise and pass a bill he will sign. Last weekday, a bipartisan Immigration Bill failed a test full in the senator. The bill had opposition from both Republicans and Democrats.

    What is a test full?
    Thank you

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    Re: a surprised visit?or a surprise visit?

    1 surprise visit
    2 It should be 'had your fill', meaning 'had enough'. Never say never because things can always change.

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