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    Re: trinity cert tesol course/qualification

    I've just got a letter offering me a place on the trinity course.I'm a bit scared as to what i've signed myself up for.Course starts 21st sept. Let me know how you are all getting on all those that are already on the course.

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    Re: trinity cert tesol course/qualification

    Hi everyone, Im 2 days into the course now which im doing part time, 2 evenings a week. Its great so far, a great group of students and the tutors are nice too. Lots of forms to fill in etc at the begining but great once you get into the real learning. We had a RUSSIAN lesson! yesterday, the first of four, to learn what its like for students to be thrown into an english foreign language lesson were everything is in that language, and they possible dont understand the script of the language. Actually learnt some russian and got some good ideas about teaching methods and what works and what doesnt. Have to write a journal of the whole experience which is marked at the end of this part of the course. Hope everyone else signing up for this course enjoys it too. I think there is a lot to learn but it will be very interesting and rewarding to train in a job that is as useful as this. Id love to know how you get on with your tesol courses too.

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    Re: trinity cert tesol course/qualification

    Hi Frannie

    I hope all is going well. I got a letter from the university today inviting me to go for a group interview for the course. Im terrified LOL


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