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heyy ı m alex and ı wanna learn about englısh pronounceıf u know where ı can study for learnıng englısh pronounce...and ıf help me ı wıll be happy thanks from now ...

thanks / alex
Hi Alex! Let me tell you my thoughts on the subject. Many people here have given good advice and programs. But I think that you can speak follow movies and pronounciation programs all day and night and after time get a good accent, but if you want the most effective way to talke; find native Americans/Englishs to and that would be the best way.
I had a late English teacher, and he inproved my pronounciation a lot by just talking to me everyday, and even when he's gone now, my parent says my accent remains (but i tend to have an unwanted talent that I'm able to swtich my accent to be a lot like the person I'm talking to, so if I talk to an Asian, I tend to sound Asian sometimes)