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    Cool So & So That

    What is the difference between so and so that, could and would and how can i differentiate?

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    Re: So & So That

    This is a big question.

    Could you give some examples of how you would use so and so that. We can then see what you are finding difficult.

    Start a new post about conditionals [would and could and should]

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    Re: So & So That

    What about these? Web Concordancer

    On the difference in meaning between so and so that, the Virtual Tutor at Bellevue College's Grammar Forum writes:
    Generally, "so" is used to express the same sort of idea that is involved in "therefore," which shows a kind of cause and effect relationship: It's raining, so I'll take an umbrella.

    In contrast, "so that" usually expresses something like "to make sure": I'll take an umbrella so that I won't get wet.

    Of course, you will hear exceptions to these uses and sometimes they seem to overlap, but this is the difference in the meaning of the two.
    Here's a fabulous handout on the difference between so and so that and punctuation:Know the difference between so and so that before you add a comma


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