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    Can we use "good build" to describe a noun?

    I saw the following description of a camera on the internet (

    Good build quality, case a little too easy to scratch

    My friend told me that it's quite informal to use "good build" this way. His explanation is that normally we say "a good build". But the desciption above uses a noun phrase to describe another noun, i.e. use "good build" to describe "quality". So my friend said it's informal. One should simply say "good quality". Is my friend correct?
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    Re: Can we use "good build" to describe a noun?

    As always with advertisements, short forms are used to save space. It is an informal usage, which can be understood but is not truly correct. Since it seems [from what you have given of the ad] that the camera is not one of the best, the seller is trying to persuade the buyer that it is still of qood quality.

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