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Thread: nice and kind ?

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    nice and kind ?

    i want to know the difference between theses two words : (nice) and (kind) with some examples pleases .
    thank you in advance,

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    Re: nice and kind ?

    Nice= 1 pleasant; agreeable; satisfactory. It was a nice meal.
    2 good-natured; kind. She is a nice person.
    3 fine or subtle: a nice distinction.
    5 archaic fastidious. He was very nice in his manners.

    Kind =
    1 considerate and generous. It was kind of him to give you that car.
    affectionate; loving. She is a kind mother.

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    Re: nice and kind ?

    I'd add that 'nice and ...' can be used to reinforce most adjectives/adverbs: 'Put the gun down, nice and slow[ly].' So the title of this thread is a possible collocation. 'I don't know why she's frightened of me - we've only met once, and I was nice and kind' [which doesn't mean 'both nice and kind', but 'kind in a way that most people would regard as nice'].


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