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    Communication skills

    I want to improve my flow of speaking English. I can speak, read and write but sometimes while speaking my flow breaks and everything goes haywire. Also is there any website which can teach me to speak in American accent. I have my clients in west and it wud help me to understand clearly what they have to say and I will be communicate in their accent.

    Hoping for your revert.



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    Re: Communication skills

    >I will be communicate in their accent.

    I'm known by my friends as the Godfather of Effective Speaking; however I have a hereditary speech impediment (from my mother's side which was mostly English and probably Scottish). I was born and raised in the U.S. and I'm looking for a voice coach who can help me develop an Italian accent to go along with the Godfather image. I am 1/2 Sicilian on my father's side.

    Many of my students (I teach communications skills) are foreign born. I've also coached some who have run for local political offices. What I tell them is that to learn to slow down and be very deliberate. I also recommend to them (and you) to focus on the message and not as much on the accent. Certainly, you should find ways to minimize your accent but that is NOT as important as to slow down, be deliberate and concentrate on your message.

    Being deliberate is, in my opinion, is being passionate but not necessarily excited to the point that you lose focus (the message) and you speed up.


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