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Thread: Correct order

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    Correct order

    Salesperson: ( are / over here / popular / really / with / young people / these handbags ) right now.

    A Japnese tourist: Yeah, I saw this one in a magazine I was reading on the airplane! It's really stylish!

    I would like to ask native speakers of English of the following thing. This coversation is between a salesperon in an English speaking country and a Japanese tourist, in a shop. When you arrange the words in the parenthesis correctly, how would you do?

    I put them as ( These handbags are really popular with young people over here ) right now. I' m wondering whether the posion of over here is corrct or not. If over here means the English speaking country, the position would be correct. But if over here means the place where the bag is put in the shop, it might be ( these handbangs over here are really popular with youg people) right now. Isn't over her used in this way?

    Thank you very much

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    Re: Correct order

    You are right. The two different meanings are as you said.

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    Re: Correct order

    Thanks 2006

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