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    I'm wondering if anybody can clarify this scenario for me:

    You are sitting in a restaurant, at a bar. A stranger sits down next to you and the two of you begin a conversation for approx. 15 minutes, or even longer, but no names or introductions have been exchanged. You then get up to leave.

    As you're leaving, would it be correct to say, "It was nice meeting you.", even though you didn't introduce yourselves? I usually say, "It was nice chatting with you.", if I haven't exchanged names with the person but I have a friend who always says, "It was nice to meet you.", which seems a little odd to me if you haven't actually met the person.

    I hope someone can help clear this up once and for all. Thanks!!!

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    Re: Jmorgan

    Hello J., welcome to Using English!

    "It was nice talking to you" seems a harmlessly polite exit line. I agree that some people might take "It was nice meeting you" as almost ironic; for instance, it might prompt an exchange of names. But I wouldn't take exception to it myself.

    All the best,



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