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    Lightbulb awaken sb to/ from sth

    "The government should awaken the youth to/ from the dangers of drugs."

    I came across the above sentence on another foreign language forum where people had been debating for days which preposition would be more appropriate in this context.

    From my own experience, "awaken sb to sth" is a phrasal verb and thus is the correct one. This is also backed by a few dictionaries which define the combination as "to cause sb to become aware of sth" or "to make aware" and those fit the sentence meaning.

    What do you all think?

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    Re: awaken sb to/ from sth

    I tend to agree with you. Let's see what others have to say.

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    Re: awaken sb to/ from sth

    It would not make sense to me to say awaken them from the dangers. I would prefer to say "alert them to the dangers".

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    Re: awaken sb to/ from sth

    Thank you all for your inputs!

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