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    Entry level teaching positions?

    Hi! I will be beginning my MA in Applied Linguistics soon and will also work on a TESOL certificate. I was browsing jobs and I see that many of the higher paying jobs require at least 5 years of experience that is a combination of domestic teaching here in the US and teaching abroad. I also saw that the jobs abroad required at least 2 years of experience.......that is fine but most of the jobs I saw required 2 years of teaching to even be considered. My question is, how did those of you just starting out get your first teaching job when so many of them require experience? I'm especially concerned with those of you involved in teaching ADULTS.


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    Hi, I am Lorena. I need practice English.

    Thank you

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    Re: Entry level teaching positions?

    There are plenty of places that will take people without that experience. It depends on the supply and demand. There are places that actually prefer people without experience as they think they'll be able to get them to teach their method more easily.

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    Re: Entry level teaching positions?

    Thanks for the input

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    Re: student

    hi,i am hamid from Morocco,i love english and i teach it,welcome to practise online
    [email protected]

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