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    Can I say these?

    1). As the younger generation of Chinese, environmental protection cannot be more urgent and compelling for us than anyone else.

    What I am trying to saying here is that environmental problems are most urgent for our Chinese.

    2). We will be deeply ashamed and guilty if our offsprings suffer the revenge of nature on our behalf.

    I want to express that "...if our offsprings suffer the revenge of nature because of us" by using "on our behalf". Is that a correct usage?

    3). We feel obliged to present our offsprings a prosperous yet green future.

    Is "yet" correctly used here?

    Thanks very much.

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    For the younger Chinese, there is no more pressing issue than environmental protection.

    2 We will be ashamed and guilty if our offspring (NB- No 's') suffer nature's backlash because of our actions.
    3 That is a good use of 'yet'.


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