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Thread: sugar-free

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    hi, should sugar-free be written with or without an hyphen? thanks.

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    Re: sugar-free

    Certainly do use the hyphen if it comes before a noun.

    I prefer sugar-free gum.

    [a writer, not a teacher]

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    Re: sugar-free

    Quote Originally Posted by Niall Beag View Post
    There's no hard and fast rule -- a quick Google shows that people (including respectable news agencies) alternate between "sugar-free" and "sugar free". In one or two places, you'll even see "sugarfree".

    I personally use the hyphenated form, as it's clearest and I feel it reflects current (UK) pronunciation best.
    Same here - especially the reference to pronunciation. In a few generations I imagine the "one or two" 'sugarfree' hits will be in the majority, but in that word the last syllable will have secondary stress; in 'sugar-free' there are two primary stresses.

    And our younger members, whose grand-children may come to use the one-word version, will still (the old fuddy-duddies ;_)) insist on keeping the hyphen.


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