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    Clause going after recommend

    Could you please tell me more about clause going after Verb "Recommend". For Example in this structure:
    S(1) + recommend + that S(2) + Verb +....
    if S(2) is the third person (singular), if we must add -s after Verb or not?
    His English teacher recommends that he begin(s) a regular degree program.

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    Re: Clause going after recommend

    The Subjunctive is used after the following verbs:

    to advise (that)
    to ask (that)
    to command (that)
    to demand (that)
    to desire (that)
    to insist (that)
    to propose (that)
    to recommend (that) Ex: His teacher recommends that he begin a regular degree program.
    to request (that)
    to suggest (that)
    to urge (that)

    Read more here: ENGLISH PAGE - Subjunctive

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