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    WILL or GOING TO ?


    I know I use GOING TO when I have already planned to do something, and WILL when I decide what to do at the moment of speaking. But this is something related to "answers". What about "questions"? For example...

    Which bus (1) you (2)? [catch]
    The 651. If it comes late, I (3) take the next one.

    1 = "will" or "are"?
    2 = "catch" or "going to catch"?
    3 = WILL (it was decided at the moment of speaking, right?)

    What (4) you (5) tonight? [do]
    Maybe, I (6) go to the theater.

    4 = "will" or "are"?
    5 = "do" or "going to do"?
    6 = WILL (the word MAYBE shows that it was decided at the moment of speaking)

    So, please, help me understand this... When it comes to "questions", how do I use WILL or GOING TO correctly?

    Thanks for your attention. :)


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    Re: WILL or GOING TO ?

    Sam: Which bus are you going to catch? <have you even decided yet?>
    Max: The 651. If it comes late, I will take the next one. <definite decision>

    Sam: Which bus will you catch? <You've decided, right?>
    Max: The 651. If it comes late, I am going to take the next one. <It's a plan>

    Does that help so far?


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