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    Than I or Than me?


    Please, what is the correct form?

    "He's older than I." or "He's older than me."

    I've heard that the first sentence is correct only if I use the verb TO BE at the end... "He's older than I am." Is that true? What about the second one?

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    Re: Than I or Than me?

    Both are correct, and what you heard about using I before a form of the verb to be is also correct:

    He's older than I. <traditional English>
    He's older than me.
    He's older than I am.

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    Re: Than I or Than me?

    than me is correct if "me" is the object. the verb would be compared to me. However, if you end with a be verb then u have changed subject order and u need to use ....I am. hope that helps...?


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