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    Cool Help with text analysis

    I am very sorry I couldnít go to your party last week, I knew you stilled angry to me, if I donít tell you about reason. Last week it was a bad day for me because my cousin was sick and she was shaking all the time, at the moment her mother went to the market and her father went to work so I payed a little time to help her by I called to my uncle and then took her to the hospital. When her mother arrived home she asked me to take care her child a day, I wanted to help her so I didnít have the choice. If you were me I thought you would do that, so I decided this choice.

    So I wanted you to forgive me. I think you will stop angry to me because it is the reason that I didnít go to your party. I donít have choice because itís related to the age of someone. I know you are very kind and responsible.

    I hope you lucky although.
    Write to me soon if you forgive me.


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    Re: Help with text analysis

    What sort of analysis of the text do you have to do?

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