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    coul you explain those sentences for me?

    I am Hoang Tu from Vietnam. I am reading an Enlish story but i can not understand some sentences:

    1. you can go for months otherwise and think that You’re there is in the word.
    2. man in black
    3. “My money’on thirty by half-past”
    this sentence is in this conversation:
    “another big game will be the deadth of me” someone was saying.
    “twenty-one arrests so far”
    “My money’on thirty by half-past”
    “Thirty five?” added a new voice.

    Can you explain them for me ?
    Thank you very much

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    Re: coul you explain those sentences for me?

    Welcome to the forums!

    Please go back to your story and retype these, exactly as they are in the book. I think you have made errors in punctuation which makes it difficult to understand the sentences.

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