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  1. Susie Smith

    Re: Well Dellwer

    Quote Originally Posted by Susie Smith
    Quote Originally Posted by Ayed
    Thank you Casiopia for your comment.
    Actually , in our Arabic life , many words do not have English equevalents.
    I think i will adopt your advices.
    Water fetcher is more likely suited my own connotation.That is, as somewhat equevalence .
    Gopher may suit the one who goes down and up out of the well as you said.
    Thank you again for your cooperation on this forum.
    I am ready to help anyone of you concerning Arabic language or my customs.
    In advance, much thanked are you
    We draw water with a bucket when there's plenty of water in the well. If the water is shallow, the bucket just makes a muddy mess. Ayed, I suppose there's not much water in your wells and because of this, somebody must descend and carefully scoop up the water and pour it into the bucket, little by little. Because of this, I think either water scooper or water dipper would be an appropriate name for the person who does this job.
    P. S. I loved hearing about the gophers.

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    Re: Well Dellwer

    thank you Mr.RonBee .However, my comment may comments,

    Hello "hala"or "murhuba" :?
    Welcome"Ahlun wusuhlan" 8)

    very much welcomed and greeted is Susi Smith from Barzil.I appreciate your response and help.

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    Thanks, Ayed.


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