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    Abstract- Introduction

    This text is Part of Dissertation's Introduction chapter. Would you please check it for the writting mistakes or even suggest the phrases that is more suitable.
    Many Thanks

    Software architecture is a description of system structure; therefore it can be an artifact for that distributed file system technologies such as Data Warehouse to illustrate the projectís blueprint and determine how well its quality attributes are being achieved.
    One of the helpful considerations in developing a system from scratch is designing a top down architecture. This approach will help the developers and decision makers to have a realistic view about the whole system and hidden requirements while the system is still inside shell. In another point of view, following the rules of the standard architectures will lead to develop a standard systematic product; indeed systematic systems have their special advantages such as re-usability. System architecture and components can apply to other system exhibiting similar quality attribute and functional requirements and can promote large scale re-use.
    This dissertation outlines Data Warehouse architecture issues from two perspectives of Data Warehouse definition role and potential architecture techniques. The role of the Data Warehouse definition is identified and outlined in the first part. Subsequently, different architecture techniques are described and assigned to distributed information based system. In order to illustrate the desire goals of systematic architecture in distributed file systems, this dissertation is focusing on a Distributed Aircraft Maintenance Environment (DAME) case study; the aim is to assign the suitable architecture tactics to this case study. DAME was a pilot project that could benefit from Data Warehouse technology by providing the information and knowledge to the users instead of raw data. Storing information is one of the main characteristics of Data Warehouse. Also Data Warehouse has the ability to process information inside itself using OLAP, Online Analytical Processing. In this study you can see other Data Warehouse partners that can help the final user to achieve more understandable result.
    This dissertation stresses the fact that the task of designing a suitable architecture in the context of Data Warehouse is of high complexity and embraces a mixture of using different possible architecture tactics, resource management challenges and may benefit from new technologies such as Grid.
    Grid computing is increasingly being viewed as the next phase of distributed computing that enables organizations to share computing and information resources across department and organizational boundaries in a secure, highly efficient manner. Most of the resource management is dealing with human resource management or the budget of the project and not the computation resources such as CPU time and other relevant resources. This architecture tried to bridge this gap by demonstrate the cluster manager and Grid technology as a tool to manage the clusters communication and processes inside them. Also it will stress the fact that computing resource management such as CPU time is a hidden and detail fact which should be attentive to during designing and developing phases.

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    Re: Abstract- Introduction

    Quote Originally Posted by Arosha View Post
    This text is Part of Dissertation's Introduction chapter. Would you please check it for the writting mistakes or even suggest the phrases that is more suitable.

    This text is part of my dissertation's introduction. Would you please check it for writing mistakes and suggest changes?

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