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Topic: More and more children’s writing & math ability are affected by computers and calculators. We should limit the use of those tools. Disagree or agree.

There is no doubt that both computers and calculators become much more important in education and the learning process, or even in today’s society. Calculators enable students to develop more complicated mathematical concepts instead of spending more time on mantel calculation. Computers have changed the traditional way of writing process into more easy, simple and fun. However, the developments of computer and calculators also cause a certain barriers to children’ abilities of writing and mantel calculations.

Recently researchers show that many children nowadays are too dependent on using calculators in their learning and they tend to use the calculators in every mathematical computation, rather than using paper-pencil computations. The consequences of the situation can be serious, for instance, the use of calculators take away from children’ ability to think and reason through problems, and they might lose their confidence when the calculators are taken away.

The ease of writing with computers enable children altering their writing anytime anywhere, they can simply adjust the writing by clicking the delete function key showed on the keyboard, but they can not do the same action if they are already finished their writing by paper writing. However, computers also allow them to find any kind of materials through accessing the internet, thus they might easy to copy others’ work instead of doing by themselves. Paper writing enables children to develop certain writing skills, such as, organizing, preparing, and their creativity.

To conclude, computers and calculators should be used as a supplementary tool for children to develop their writing and math skills, the limitation is necessary if they are misuse its, and teachers have the responsibility to promote a positive attitude toward children when they are using these learning tools.