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    Arrow Is it a disabling phrase?

    In the name of the Merciful Allah,
    Hi, in some text on psychology I read this: " ....there is no single perspective in psychology that gives us one right understanding of behavior and mental processes. Put another way, to understand psychology fully, we must alternately shift our view points among multiple perspectives.". Since the author determined definitely that there is no complete view point, why did he ask student to put a way to understand psychology fully? Plus, why did he put a comma between the two sentences " Put another way" and " to understand psychology fully".

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    Re: Is it a disabling phrase?

    "Put another way" = "Said in a different way".

    The author has described the problem of understanding psychology, and is now saying the same thing in a different manner to try and make his point clear.

    "The doctors claim that smoking cigarettes is bad for your health. Put another way, it is claimed that your health will be damaged by cigarette smoke."

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