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    Question About The Use Of Adverbs

    Hello, Im Joanna...i Have The Correct Use, Because I Had Understand That "very" Is An Adverb?


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    Re: Question About The Use Of Adverbs

    Welcome, Joanna.

    Very can be an adverb or an adjective. It depends on the sentence. For example,

    1. In a high degree; extremely: very happy; very much admired.
    2. Truly; absolutely: the very best advice; attended the very same schools.
    3. Very Used in titles: the Very Reverend Jane Smith.
    1. Complete; absolute: at the very end of his career; the very opposite.
    2. Being the same one; identical: the very question she asked yesterday.
    3. Being particularly suitable or appropriate: the very item needed to increase sales.
    4. Being precisely as stated: the very center of town.
    5. Mere: The very thought is frightening.
    6. Actual: caught in the very act of stealing.
    7. Genuine; true: "Like very sanctity, she did approach" (Shakespeare).
    Hello, I'm Joanna. Am I correct in (my) understanding that "very" is an adverb?

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