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    Could anyone help me with the underlined sentences?

    Impartiality demanded of journalists that they distinguish facts from values if their respective newspaper was to be recognized as a free arbiter of truth. As many of these journalists quickly discovered, however, such a commitment to value free reporting frequently had disturbing implications in professional terms. Specially, many of the most passionate advocates of objective journalism were the very editors and publishers intent on opposing the unionization of their newspapers. From this self-serving perspective, a journalist could hardly be a dispassionate, not-partisan observer while, at the same time, belonging to such a controversial organization as a union.

    Thanks a lot.


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    Re: impartiality

    A reporter is inevitably going to be biased when it comes to his own profession, so it is difficult for him to be objective about such matters as unionization of newspaper employees and other things directly affecting the journalists themselves.


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