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  1. Southern Belle

    Return my Southern Accent


    I was born and raised in Biloxi, Miss. until I was 18 years old. I moved to Hattiesburg for college and found my first job in Memphis, Tennessee. I still live in Memphis, which is 14 years later.

    With that said, being raised in Biloxi, staying with my Dad every Summer as a child for a month or two in Texas and living in Memphis for 14 years, I have lost my nice Southern Accent. Although many people think of Southern accents being very twangy, long and drawn-out, not all Southerners talk so slow or drawn out but are more perseved as being such. A good example is the several of the characters on the "Sweet Home Alabama" movie, including Jake, Reese Witherspoons husband she never divorced.

    Anyway, I was just hoping you could direct me to a good resource to purchase that will help me get back a little bit of my Southern heritage and teach me how to speak a little more South rather than a little mixture of Miss. Texas and TN. I'm in the car alot so I'd like to find something on CD, if possible.

    Thank you for all your help,
    Southern Belle
    email address is: [email protected]

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    Re: Return my Southern Accent

    From this Northerner's point of view, a Tennessee accent is still very southern.

    Mr. Ouisch was born and raised in Georgia, but has lost a bit of his southern accent from living in Michigan for the past 14 years. However, when we go back to Georgia to visit his parents, that good ol' southern boy drawl comes a-gallopin' back. I think that you, too, will recapture the Biloxi accent of your youth if you spend a little time there.

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    Re: Return my Southern Accent

    Ouisch is right, honey. Come visit and stay a while, and it'll be like you never left. :)

    You might look for books on tape by readers with the accent you're looking for. I'm assuming books set in the South, like those Ya-Ya books for instance, would be read by voice actors who might actually have a natural Southern accent (imagine that :)) Sites like Audible let you listen to a decent-length sample before you buy. If you've already mastered the dialect once, I think something like that would be all you need to pick it right back up, and not a full-fledged dialect book with vowel exercises and all that.

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