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Thread: A Gamble

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    A Gamble

    Hello, I will be back to school for my major of communication on the end of this August. I wrote this essay in a purpose to wake up my English. I would like to ask your helps for correcting my essay where is appropriate.
    Many thanks,

    A Gamble

    According to the BBC, the Vietnamese won more than eight million dollars by playing poker, so it was a good news for our Vietnamese, isn’t it? Of course, it was. We were so happy for our successful Vietnamese people, and that was also a good reason for my good friend, Tuan asked me to join the next world poker champion 2008 game.
    "Oh! No, Please"
    Tuan responded to me:
    "I know a gamble was most of the things that you hate in the world, but have you ever thought most things in the world are gambles even our lives? Please, never and ever thought everything is always in your hands or your mind, Mr."
    "Most things in the world?"
    In my old days, it was about ten kilometers from my home to the city where I stayed for my education. Every time I went there or got back home, I thought there were just two steps. One down step, I got on a canoe, and another, up step, I took off the canoe to reach my destination. I remembered before I left my home for an education, my parents asked me to do many things when I would be in a city. One of things that I should study very hard to get the highest score in my class as I could.
    "Highest score! What was that for?"
    I thought it was not much different between the first grade and the ninth grade student in the same class, and I also knew that it did not hurt to my education if I would be a student with the ninth grade. Otherwise, I had to study harder and more competing with my good friends for the first grade, so I just let it go. However, I would get the first grade of my class about a month before my father visit me. I always trusted my hands and my mind, and I was sure I knew what I was going to do. I felt so confident myself, and that the reason I hated gambling what was so risk.
    After taking the exam of mathematic for our grades, Tuan and I were recommended to register for Algebra xx class, and we took a class in the evening. An instructor of our class was the old, quiet and cold man. In his class, we had to study two chapters and take one quiz for every week. Alternately, we might do an "opened book" quiz and another a "closed book" quiz. After the first meeting of class, we left for a cafeteria where Tuan wanted to play around with girls. While we were sitting and enjoying coffee, Tuan seemed happy about the opened book quiz, but I told him that it was so early to be happy, in my sight, the old man looked like a witch.
    During taking the opened book quiz, I did not understand all information of the quiz, and all students had the same problem too. We opened books to search information about the quiz’s problems. Unfortunately, I did not find any thing in the book, nor did I know where I might get those information that I had never known or studied.
    In whisperings, "Hey! What the hell is going on?"
    "The hell? Play lottery, Mr." Tuan responded.
    "Lottery?" That was the first time I did. I did without knowledge of anything and without my trust. Otherwise, I did with all fully hope of luck, and this was the first time for many times happened later.
    I now realized that gambles are not only playing cards and betting for treasure, but it is also where people placed their fates, and hearts for good hopes when things are out of their hands and minds.
    Personally, I wish I would never have to gamble, and if I have to play it, for God’s sake, I would rather be a loser than a winner.
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    Re: A Gamble

    Quote Originally Posted by namthao View Post
    Hello, I will be back to school for my major of communication on the end of this August. I wrote this essay in a purpose to wake up my English. I would like to ask your helps for correcting my essay where is appropriate.
    Many thanks,

    Hello! I will be going back to school at the end of August. My major is communications. I wrote this essay for the purpose of "waking up" my English. I would like to ask your help in correcting my essay.

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    Re: A Gamble

    It's so great for your help.
    Thank you so much

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