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    confused word

    "That would be my killing her".

    Since the word "kill" can used as noun ,can I change"killing" for" kill"? If can't, why? Pls.

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    Re: confused word

    my is an adjective, and adjectives modify nouns, not verbs. So,

    Ex: That would be my killing her. <noun: gerund>
    Ex: That would be my kill her. <non-gerundival noun>
    Quote Originally Posted by unregistered
    Since the word "kill" can used as noun, can I change "killing" for "kill"? If can't, why?
    Gerunds--because they have verbal qualities--can take an object as well as adverbs:

    Ex: That would be my killing her slowly.
    <gerund + object>
    The gerund killing takes the pronoun her as its object, and the adverb slowly modifies the gerund killing.

    Non-gerundival nouns, like kill, can also take objects, but they are prepositional in form:

    Ex: It's the kill of the day.
    <non-gerundival noun + object>
    Does that help?

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    Re: confused word

    Yes, it is very helpful. I am sure the unregistertd feel the same way.

    Thank U!!

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    Re: confused word

    You're most welcome, puzzle. ;-D

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