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    Introduce myself in interview.

    Introduce myself in interview.

    1. I am a post graduate in Business administration
    Can I say that I am a post graduate? Coz I have done a Professional program M.B.A (Master of Business Administration. Some of my friends say that I should not tell like that though itís a master degree. Which is correct for me?

    Or is it correct to say?
    Iím uuuu. I have done a master degree in business administration.

    2. Iíve more than five years of experience in Administration and Accounts side. (Five years of!! Should we use ďofĒ here?)

    3. For the past six years, Iíve been working as an accountant and as an administrator in various organizations. My last work was an accounts officer in a Non governmental organization(is it correct?).

    4. My role was to compleate the accounts upto finalization("was to" is it correct?). I have to send the reports periodically to the head office. I have to assist the auditor during the accounts compleation. (Can we use ď I have toĒ while we are talking about our past experience. If it is not, kindly let me know which tense is suitable to say our past experience

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Introduce myself in interview.

    What about?

    I have an MBA and more than five year's experience ... My most recent position was with an NGO as an accounts officer. My duties included finalizing accounts, sending reports to head office, and assisting the auditor during accounts completion.

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