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    Comma before participle?

    Look at the sentence:

    "Not only strict rules must be observed but one should also rely on his intuition, "feeling" what is correct."

    Is this sentence correct in view of the comma before "feeling"? When to use comma before an adjectival participle (in that case it is the word "feeling")and when not? I think that If I omit the comma, "feeling" would apply not to the subject "one" but to the word "intuition", which I consider incorrect. That is the reason why I put a comma. Is this correct?
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    Re: Comma before participle?

    You're right about the comma rule, but you might want to consider re-working the sentence into active voice and avoiding gender specific his.

    What about?

    Ex: One should not only observe strict rules, but also rely on intuition, feeling what is correct.

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