View Poll Results: Do you think it's necessary to label GM food in restaurant?

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  • No. Everyday I eat out and nothing is serious. If GM food is labeled,people may feel confused.

    2 14.29%
  • Yes. I should be clear on what I eat

    12 85.71%
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  1. whisper

    SURVEY: How do you think of GM food?

    Recently I'm going to write an research paper about GM(Genetically modified) food in restaurant.
    Please share ur opinion on: Do you think it's necessary to label GM food in restaurant?
    non-GM food (organic food) is alway more expensive; would you like to pay more to eat organic food?

    thank you for reponsing.
    good luck everybody!

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    Organic food is not necessarily the same as non-GM. There's standard food that is non-GM too.

    I think GM should be labelled wherever it is used, if it must be used at all. I think it is a very dangerous path that has not been tested thoroughly.

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    GM Food spreads in europe

    article on gm food and general food and business news.

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