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    how to help a student who misses "ed" ending when speaking and writing english

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    Re: help

    There could be many reasons for this and dealing with them could be different. If the speaker has a language without tenses or where tenses don't need to be used might find using this form more difficult than someone who speaks a langauge with a similar tense system.

    Therefore, a student speaking most European langauges might make this kind of mistakes early on in learning past forms and past participles, but they will probably pick it up quite quickly. With students who don't have tenses or don't use them so much, it can be a lot harder and require more time to show them the importance of tense to us. As they will translate the present and the -ed form as the same in their own language, it requires time and practice to get them beyond the safety blanket of translating back.

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    Re: help

    thank you so much


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