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    Smile Pls I want to improve my work

    Hi Teachers and Scholars,
    I need your comments, tks!!


    Companies should encourage employees who work in a high position to leave at the age of 55 in order to give opportunities to the new generation.

    To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?(Topic)

    It sounds bit silly that the seniors should stepped-down after the age of 55 in order to give opportunities to the upcoming generation. In most cases, the older workers are being considered as an employee of wealth of experience, reliable, responsible, and of course, many of them are still productive.

    As a senior, the experiences that they have accumulated always keep them to the top. They play in an important role in the company. For example, many worldwide enterprises would like to hair the older workers as a trainer or an adviser. Both of the positions will need the older workers pass their valuable experiences to the new generation. This is the important process to the company that to ensure the company value could be maintained in the workplace.

    As an executive, people should be absolutely loyal to their company. This may be a fact that the older workers are less willing to leave the company, but the younger generation rotates in and out more frequently to pursue a brilliant career. In order to prevent a larger talent drain, combining both younger and older workers would seem to be benefits to companies.

    Besides, many advanced nations, the life expectancy are at the age of 70 to 75. Imagine for this situation, when everyone were forced to leave at the age of 55, those enterprises would need to bear a heavy burden of their retirement pensions.

    Last but not least, when companies are going to offer a high position to someone else, they should be more consider onesí ability and merit regardless their age.

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    Re: Pls I want to improve my work

    I'll start:
    It sounds bit silly- This is too colloquial for this sort of writing task; don't use bit, and it should be a bit anyway. Also, silly is not an appropriate adjective for the same reason.

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    Re: Pls I want to improve my work

    Hi Tdol,

    Thanks for your work, but what about the rest? can anyone help!!


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