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    what are 3 ways that a teacher can support students in learning new vocabulary?

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    Re: vocabulary

    bsically, the student need to be exposed to more new input elements such as thesaurus, book of basic vocab and also other reading materials.

    additionally, the student need to output on the vocab they have learnt such as writting practises.

    increment in vocab does not only requires additional reading of new vocab but also listening to more input sources.

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    Re: vocabulary

    Quote Originally Posted by andie1 View Post
    What are 3 ways that a teacher can support students in learning new vocabulary?
    I've been looking for a place to post this link. Go to:
    Ten tips to build English vocabulary
    Go to that website and tell me what you think about it.


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    Re: vocabulary

    You can also review vocabulary quickly using games. A five minute vocabulary game in each lesson will go a long way to reinforcing what students are learning in class.

    Games can used for all levels and ages, right through from nursery age to adult and from beginner to advanced.

    Here is an example for more advanced students:
    Give each player, or team ten seconds to come up with as many words as possible in a given category. All the players in the team can call out words as and when they think of them, in free-for-all style. The other team or teams (and you) count up the words. To prevent one student from taking over the whole game have a quota of two words per team member, after which a team member who has used up his or her quota can whisper additional words to a team mate.

    Once the ten seconds are up the floor opens to all other teams who have a chance to earn points if they can name any other vocabulary that has not yet been mentioned. You then give the next team a new theme for a ten second brainstorm. By all means give 15 or 20 seconds if you feel that is more appropriate to the level of your class, but always err on the side of not giving enough time to keep up the element of adrenalin and fun.

    Aside from a vocabulary revision brainstorming activity require instead that participants say sentences. You may like to drill a target structure such as "I should have seen". You can combine this with a vocabulary theme such as famous people, musicians or animals. Rather than just calling out single words students now call out the designated sentence with a different word each time.

    Categories can include professions, sports, cartoon characters, musicians, famous people, household objects, furniture, body parts, clothing, hobbies, types of transport, musical instruments, animals, types of food, toys, jobs, countries, favourite characters, etc.

    There are free games you can sign up for below.
    ESL games and activities for teaching English to children for 6 to 12 year olds
    Preschool ESL: Games, activities and stories for for preschool children

    Adult games coming out in November 2007.

    Another thing is to encourage students to keep a vocab log and learn ten new words per day. On day two they revise the words from day one and learn ten new ones. A week later they revise the words from a week before, the day before and learn ten new ones. A month later they revise the words from a month before, a week before, the day before and learn ten new ones. So after a month they are reviewing 30 words and learning ten new ones.

    Add reading copiously to this and you've got a winning recipe.

    Kind regards

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