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    Types of films


    I've been working with vocabulary related to films, but I couldn't find a word to describe this type of film:
    • It deals with a love story, or somebody's struggles for survival, etc
    • The main characters have to go through very difficult situations.
    • It usally has a sad ending (main character dies, the love of his/her life dies or loves someone else, etc)
    • Examples of this type of film: Casablanca, Love Story, (the type that makes you cry your heart out)
    In Spanish we use the word "drama" to describe these films, but I don't think it applies in English.

    Could you help me?

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    Re: Types of films

    They're called dramas in English, too. If there is a love story involved, we sometimes refer to it as a "romantic drama."

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    Re: Types of films


    I thought you could only use drama to refer to a play (theatre).

    Thanks very much!

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