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    have a little gossip

    What does it mean?

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    Re: have a little gossip

    We all sat and had a casual conversation about other people. What you do over coffee when with your friends.

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    Re: have a little gossip

    Gossip is personal information that you have about someone that you tell other people. Sometimes we also call this "dishing the dirt."

    Daphne and Roz are co-workers, sitting together in the lunch room:

    Daphne: "Ooh, I've got some great gossip for you. Have you heard the latest about the boss?"
    Roz: "I haven't heard a thing. Don't make me wait, dish!!"
    Daphne: "Well, I happened to be working late in the file room the other night, and he apparently didn't know I was there. He and that blonde from Accounting met after work and were making out behind a bank of filing cabinets!"
    Roz: "Oh my goodness! I wonder if his wife suspects anything?"
    Daphne: "I don't think so. I heard him tell her not to call his cell phone, that his wife sometimes answers it."
    Roz: "What a juicy piece of gossip!!"

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