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    motherhood statement

    I have heard the expression 'motherhood statement' being used in the context of a 'sweeping statement' or 'generalisation'. What is the origin of this expression, and why is it known as a 'motherhood statement'?

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    Re: motherhood statement

    This is Wikipedia's interpretation: a "feel good" platitude, usually by a politician, about a worthy concept that few people would disagree with, without any specified plans for realisation. For example, "Our country must contribute to world peace."

    I imagine that the word "motherhood" is applied as it gives a homey comfortable feel to the statement.

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    Thumbs down Re: motherhood statement

    In college first year accounting, on one of my first assignments I made reference in words as to how I'd treat an accounting item.
    There was no conversion of the idea to standard "debit" and "credit" presentation method to the general ledger (as at:
    Accounting Cycle: General Ledger Accounting

    I believe the caution was "Don't make motherhood statements" towards future presentations to be for the course.
    It was an English course response ignorant due form, something like:
    " just debit this and credit that. Easy. Simple."

    While perhaps correct enough, it just didn't fly.

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    Re: motherhood statement

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    Re: motherhood statement

    Quote Originally Posted by Barb_D View Post
    Not impressive contenders there, it seems to me.

    It was hard for me to find that reference.

    Basically I used my search engine variant:

    Please add my search engine variant to your favorites.

    If there is a set of domains that interest you for search narrowing, post to this thread and I might be able to post an online page towards it.

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