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    Can I say these?

    1) To address environmental problems, we have to act from a practical and realistic standpoint.

    2) We have had enough of all kinds of environmental propaganda, but I don't think they are effectively working. When it comes to economic interests, the long-term environmental interests are likely to be overtaken by the short-term profit.

    3) Ironically, some propaganda promoting environmental protections is not environment friendly per se. They hand out a lot of papers, which waste resources and add work to the clean-up.

    Thank you very much!

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    1)- That's fine.
    2) I'd take out 'enough' and say 'I don't theink they are effective'. I'd change 'overtaken' to something like 'sidelined by the drive for short-term profit'
    3) Change 'propoganda' to 'publicity'? It should be 'environmentally friendly'. Change the verbs in the last to 'wastes' and 'adds'.

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