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    Dear all,
    Would you please help me. I am a bit confused with:
    1. I like to eat banana better than apples.
    2. I like eating banana better than apples.
    Which one is correct?

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    Re: Preference

    2, but with two plurals: I like eating bananas better than apples. Some fruits have to be pluralized in such comparisons; I think it depends on their size, but I'd be interested if another teacher has another view.

    Small fruit: I prefer eating bananas to apples.

    Big fruit: I prefer eating pineapple to melon.

    Of course, size isn't always a clear criterion. I think the important point is whether one eater typically has one piece of the fruit (an apple, a banana...) or a share of one (a chunk of pineapple, a slice of melon...).

    Your 1 (except for the plural) is acceptable, but it sounds a bit odd to me.


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