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    Question Advice on where to work to save money

    Hello all,

    I am a recently qualified TESOL teacher looking to teach abroad to experience a different country whilst saving money (my student loan needs paying off!)
    Some advice on any of the below would be much appreciated:

    1. What country is best for saving (ie highest wages, lowest cost of living etc).
    2. Does anyone have experience of a non teacher partner travelling with them? My wife is a translator and only needs her laptop to work anywhere in the world. I am concerned there may be problems with accommodation.


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    Re: Advice on where to work to save money

    Hi AaronD,

    I am not a teacher but I believe you wouldn't be happy to come to Poland with the aim you mentioned. Of course you might be lucky and save much money, but in such case you'd be quite an untypical teacher here, in Poland. keep looking!


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    Re: Advice on where to work to save money

    Countries with low costs of living usually have lower salaries too; I live in Cambodia and a decent school pays enough to enable people to have a nice lifestyle, but it wouldn't do much in terms of paying off Western debts. Teachers in Japan, where costs are higher, seem to talk quite a lot about saving, though competition for the better jobs is pretty ferocious. Also, there is currently a great deal of upheaval there as one of the major chains (Nova) is in a lot of trouble.

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