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    Question bit player

    “Power without responsibilities gives rise to a dangerous entity. Add untrammeled politics to this and we have something that believes it has the self-ordained right to speak for everyone else. In the landscape of India’s parliamentary democracy, the Left has revelled in playing this role, despite being a bit player in terms of shoring up electoral support. In its latest obstructionist move, the ‘outside supporter’ of the UPA government has railed against the India-US nuclear deal.

    Will you please explain the meaning of “bit player” used in the above. As I understand “to shore” means to Pop up or to support. But in this context it conveys the meaning of “to garner”. Am I correct?

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    Re: bit player

    "A bit player has a small or unimportant role in something."
    I got this definition here -

    I wouldn't say 'shore up' is the same as garner. To me, 'shore up' means to add supporting strength to something that mostly already exists. Garner suggests that new items are being added. The correct word to use here really comes down to what they mean to say. Garner is certainly a word that can be used in this situation where more votes are desired.
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