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    Business English And Medical English

    My last employment was medical secretary in the UK. I have just done a TEFL course. However, I would like to know how I get into the world of teaching business english and medical english.

    I am not clear where to start?

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    Re: Business English And Medical English

    Perhaps check at local colleges or night schools to see if any offer courses in "Medical Terminology." Here in the US, many adult education centers offer such a course, as it is a requirement in order to get a job doing medical transcription or medical billing.

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    Re: Business English And Medical English

    Sorry I forgot to mention that I will be living and working in Istanbul, Turkey.

    I have worked in many specialities in my career such as cardiology,opthalmology,general surgery,colorectal,upper GI tract,endocrinology,adult and child psychiatry,haematology etc.

    Perhaps I should checkout the hosptitals and general clinics they have around the City and see what the situation is.

    many thanks

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