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    Re: Phrasal Verb Dictionary

    You can get that information by clicking on a verb:

    Bottle up - English Phrasal Verb -

    There's more information lurking behind the front page, but with so many verbs, we cannot display everything.

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    Re: Phrasal Verb Dictionary

    Sorry, I didn't notice.
    Then, it's perfect. Superb job

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    Re: Phrasal Verb Dictionary

    thanx so much. let's check---

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    Re: Phrasal Verb Dictionary

    By definition phrasal verbs are used more in informal texts and speech. However, in a less formal world, more and more are being used in business exchanges and in various media. The only real way to learn more and more phrasal verbs is to listen to more and more English. Many listening texts are available through websites such as the BBC language department (also included would be the applicable scripts). Also, start watching English language films (use subtitles) and collect songs (find the lyrics with Google). With songs and films, not only are they an extremely enjoyable way to learn, but, the language items used are MEMORABLE.

    Phrasal verbs can be learned very positively through the context of the medium.

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    Re: Phrasal Verb Dictionary

    Would you recommend me any workbooks focusing on phrasal verbs (or websites) - i mean exercises, exercises and of course exercises. The problem is that any dictionary cannot replace the practicing of verbs. And the disadvantage of movies is that you have to lose to much time to catch any phrasal verb. From my point of view it's better to learn phrasal verbs by exercising them and later only to try to find/re-learn them by watching tv or so.
    So, recommendations please. (in my case upper intermediate level);
    same refers to idioms as well
    is any serious difference between get round to and get down to?

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    Re: Phrasal Verb Dictionary

    is there any place where I can find a complete list of Phrasal verbs?

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    Re: Phrasal Verb Dictionary

    I don't think there is possible to create a 'complete list of phrasal verbs' - they create very informal, forever changing language.

    Answering my question: I found as far 'Phrasal Verb Organiser' practice book by John Flower - there are over 700 verbs with 1000 meanings. If anyone knows any other titles, please, let me know.

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    Re: Phrasal Verb Dictionary

    hi am mamoun from sudan .will help me out to speak is my no 00919952212198

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    Re: Phrasal Verb Dictionary

    oh very good

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    Thumbs up Re: Phrasal Verb Dictionary

    thnx v much
    i like it keep it up

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