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    Help with grammar (Michael Hallidays's function system)

    I'm new to this forum and really need some help with english grammar. I'm doing a creative writing course at Uni but there is a grammar module that I am finding really difficult.

    I have to use Michael Halliday's functional system and the correct terminology and apply it to certain sentances that are given to me. I have to label words with the appropiate word class but I dont understand how to do this.

    Any help with this or understanding Michael Halliday's functional system would be greatly appreciated :)

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    Re: Help with grammar (Michael Hallidays's function system)

    Starting Point

    Sample Discussion (Advanced)

    I've heard of systemic functional analysis before, but I'm hardly an expert. It's fascinating, though.

    [Around here, you tend to get the best answers if you 1. ask specific questions and 2. provide a solution as a starting point for discussion.]

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    Re: Help with grammar (Michael Hallidays's function system)

    Applied linguists study language use in context associated with specialized registers ESP (e.g., business or academic). Systemic-Functional Linguistics (SFL) starts at social context ie stratification whether context, systemic semantics called pragmatics, Lexico-Grammar and Phonology-Graphology. Formally a system of networks is used. For example academic writing prefers nominalization (nominalization vs verbalization) because of information density. See additionally: Systemic Linguistics Information

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    Re: Help with grammar (Michael Hallidays's function system)

    hi, thanks for all the help but I am still finding this all very complicated to understand.

    ive been given the following sentence

    '' the village they lived in was on the Essex marches, twenty miles from the sea. One cold afternoomn, Pip was playing in the church yard. He was still a small boy and it was getting dark. The wind was howling on the marshes.''

    i firstly have to label each of the words with the appropriate word class. I then have to group the words into appropriate groups and phrases.

    Im running out of time for this assignment, and these are just two questions out of 10. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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