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    Question Predicative Adjunct to the Subject

    Help! I am preparing for the English Grammar Exam now, and the main problem is that the parsing is not my strongest point at all. I have to give definition of "a predicative adjunct to the subject" ! What is that? I couldn't find the definition anywhere!!!! Please, help me.... Snif....

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    Re: Predicative Adjunct to the Subject

    I’ll try to illustrate the answer with an example. Take the simple (as compared to a complex one) sentence "It is almost perfect." The subject is ‘It’. The predicate is ‘is almost perfect’. The complement is ‘almost perfect’. The copula is ‘is’. ‘Almost’ is the adjunct (part of the sentence that modifies the verb) and ‘perfect’ is the predicative adjective modifying the expletive ‘it’. ‘Almost’ modifies ‘perfect’ and is the predicative adjunct. ‘Perfect’ modifies the subject ‘it’ and hence ‘almost’ is a predicative adjunct to the subject.

    This is how I understand the term. Hope it help.

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