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    stereotyipcal woman, sexual stereotypes

    That's a good resource. It doesn't seem to make the point (though I haven't read the whole entry in detail) that people who -b itch- have to be women or gay, or heterosexuals behaving like a stereotypical woman or gay (e.g. commenting on dress-sense).
    [I'm trying very hard not to be sexiest here - but the use of this verb is fraught with sexual stereotypes]

    I have looked up the word "stereotypical" in the dictionary but I can't understand it.
    I know the meaning of "dress", but I don't know what is "dress-sense".

    Please explain the colored parts.

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    Re: stereotyipcal woman, sexual stereotypes

    From stereotype - Definitions from
    ...distorted image of a group, such as “Football players are stupid” or “The English are cold and unfriendly people.”

    Dress sense refers to fashion sense: how people should dress, what people should wear.

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