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    Smile 's, when should I use it?

    If I'm referring to the questions of the test, should I say: test's questions or test questions or questions of the test?
    Thank you

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    Re: 's, when should I use it?

    [1] test's questions
    => The questions belong to the test.
    Ex: This test's questions are more difficult than that test's questions.

    [2] test questions
    => The questions are test questions. That is, the word test describes what kind of questions they are.
    Ex: How many test questions did you get right?
    Ex: The test questions this term are easy.

    Prepositional phrase [3] questions on the test
    => Questions written on the test itself.
    Ex: There will be 50 questions on the test.

    Does that help?

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    Re: 's, when should I use it?

    Thank you very very much :)


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