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    after each time I have been

    I have been to your street twice but I still don't know exactly how to find it. Is this because the way to it has changed after each time I have been.

    I wonder what the highlighed parts means. Could anyone explain it?

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    Re: after each time I have been

    The route or way to your house changed. Maybe the streets the person had taken the first time to get to your house were under construction and therefore closed, so on her/his second visit to your house, s/he had to take a new route. Each time, s/he visited your house, s/he was forced to take a new way, a new route, different streets.

    Does that help?

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    Re: after each time I have been

    Yes Casiopea ! Thank you very much.
    But actually what I want to know is that why here present perfect "have been" used in the last part of the sentence. That is really confuses me.

    I would have written simply to be "after each time I was here".
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